Of late, there have been a number of individuals that hold honorific titles bestowed upon them by state institutions who were later found to be involved in activities that are criminal in nature. This reflects poorly on the state institutions that had awarded them such titles, and raises questions as to whether the criteria of awarding such honorific titles are flawed.

We are told that in the days of old, the ruler of a state only award his loyal and trusted subjects who have  served the state, with an unblemished and distinguished personal character. This would mean that the recipient of such state honorific title is a person of reasonable age; certainly not a 29 year old as we see it today.

We hold dearly to the fact that holders of honorific titles bestowed upon them by royal institutions must be someone of unblemished and distinguished character, and a loyal servant of the state.

We are not disputing the right of the rulers to bestow titles upon anyone that they so wishes, but this has to be done with absolute care, as the title carries the name of the state ruler and his distinguished household. It is for this reason that recipients too must ensure that they themselves must uphold the good name of the state ruler and his household in high esteem, and never to indulge in any activity that is to the detriment of the state ruler.

We in Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan uphold dearly to what is enshrined in the Federal Constitution, and we hold the state rulers in high esteem. It is our hope that state institutions exercise greater restrain and absolute care in bestowing honorific titles to individuals with unblemished and distinguished character.







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