A senior Minister in the present BN government had recently announced that, “the government is serious about listening to the problems of the Indian community and seeking solutions to transform their lives for the better” (Free Malaysia Today dated October 25, 2017). The announcement sounds sweet, and it is very timely with GE14 just a few months away.

The same can be said of the Malays where after 60 years of uninterrupted UMNO/BN rule, its leaders would continue to say that the Malays are poor and has to be supported. For how much longer will such a statement that the Malays are poor be drummed into the ears of the rural Malays?

If we were to make a comparison between the Malays and Indians, I would say that the former had received greater support from the government than the latter. This is obviously so because the Malay population is much larger than the Indian population.

The support to the Malays are in many forms, but what had the Malays achieved after 60 years that makes the UMNO/BN leaders say that the Malays are still poor?

Now, let’s take a look at what the Indians had received after 60 years. Definitely much less than the Malays, and if it is true that the Indians gets much less, then there is every reason for the community to be poor, and for them to remain poor for the next 60 years of UMNO/BN rule.

My question to the senior Minister is this…..after 60 years, didn’t anyone in the government, and even MIC took notice at the plight of the Indian community? Were there not voices among the Indian community leaders before that they needed much governmental help? Why is it only now that the government wants to seriously listen to their problems; only now when GE14 is just around the corner?

Now that the announcement has been made by the senior Minister to seriously look at the problems of the Indian community, why not the Indian community be told quickly, what are the probable solutions that the government have up its sleeves, to transform the lives of the Indian community.

Will this issue be one of BN’s manifesto for GE14?




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