I don’t read Malaysia Today, but someone prompted me to an article posted in Malaysia Today dated 21 October 2017 titled, ‘Mahathir is bringing forks and spoon to sword fight’ written by someone who preferred to remain anonymous by using the pseudonym ‘The Third Force ‘. I have always avoided reading articles written by unnamed writers because for me, such people are simply cowards and I view them as a bunch of serial liars.

Yes, that’s what was written by ‘The Third Force’; an article rebutting an article I wrote titled ‘RPK instigating violence and hatred’, that appeared in Free Malaysia Today dated 20 October 2017.

I am not bothered what people write about me, but I take offence if it is a lie. What ‘The Third Force’ wrote about me and found honorable space in Malaysia Today is nothing more than a blatant lie. The article makes mentioned about Tun Mahathir and Gani Patial too, where only ‘dead brains’ of the likes of RPK and ‘The Third Force’ would want to believe what was written about them (Tun Mahathir and Gani Patail).

‘The Third Force’ wrote that “Mahathir forced Gani Patail to force ex-General (referring to me) to issue a warning”. It went further to say that.”I broke headlines the world over when I single-handedly rescued Pope Francis from a runaway bullet train in the nick of time”. What nonsense is this?

To “The Third Force’ I say this, “Please come out of your cocoon and face me if you are male enough. Otherwise, please keep wearing your bra and G-Strings”.


Brig Jen Dato Mohd Arshad bin Mohd Raji (Bersara)


Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan






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