The Home Minister was reported to have said that the government is willing to consider a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) over the Memali incident in Baling, Kedah that occurred some 30 years ago, that saw 18 people killed including 4 policemen. I just wonder why is there a sudden rise in the interest of setting RCI’s for incidents that had occurred several decades ago, and at a time when Tun Mahathir was the Prime Minister. Earlier, an RCI has convened to inquire into the Forex losses by Bank Negara Malaysia that was also at the time when Tun Mahathir was the Prime Minister.

Now, do we not see an insidious pattern by the incumbent government to disparage the good name of Tun Mahathir, shame and silence him for his ceaseless challenge towards the Najib regime? Do you not see that such action is to divert the attention of the rakyat to the much larger issues that are affecting the nation, the mother of all scandals i.e. the 1MDB scandal and the mounting debts caused by an irresponsible, greedy and thieving national leader? What reasonable and justifiable reason can the Home Minister offer for his willingness to consider a RCI for the Memali incident other than the aforesaid reason?

Malaysians are already disgusted at the failure of the government to take measures to reduce the heightening costs of living. Many forms of businesses are gradually losing their clientele and are on the brink of ceasing their businesses. Graduates in the thousands are unemployed, and see a bleak future ahead of them. Even government retirees are not spared from losing some of their benefits i.e. medicines are no provided free at government hospitals. What does this mean? But the government says that the economy is doing well; maintaining high economic growth. Yet our ringgit that was once a most stable currency in the region is now losing its value, even against regional currencies. What more lies can our leaders offer to the rakyat, and for how long more can they sustain such lies?

Will there be many more RCIs to further place a cap on the resurgence of Tun Mahathir as a national leader that wants to see the final eviction of Najib from his ‘throne’? I am not surprise the government will also consider a RCI on the construction of the Petronas Twin Tower that they will claim as wasteful spending of public money. Or a RCI on the construction of Putrajaya that they say is also wasteful spending of public money.

Well, Tun Mahathir was Prime Minister for 22 years, and I think the Najib regime can find many more cases of wasteful spending that may warrant a RCI.





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