Battle lines are now being drawn and swords sharpened to face each other in a battle that will determine who will assume political control of the government of Malaysia. PM Najib in a video that went viral has said that he isn’t afraid of Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and Rafizi Ramli, and told his audience (selected audience, I suppose) to ‘lawan tetap lawan’, a ‘battle cry’ made famous by Anuar Ibrahim.

And if PM Najib meant what he says that he isn’t afraid of the three aforesaid opposition leaders, why wasn’t he around to face a 92 year frail though not yet senile Tun Mahathir at the ‘Nothing To Hide 2.0’ session at Shah Alam last week? That was PM Najib’s best opportunity to ward off the challenge from Tun Mahathir with his (PM Najib) sharpened sword and other arsenals in his possession. This is not the first ‘Nothing To Hide’ session where PM Najib went missing, but the second. Isn’t this laughable?

But there are many UMNO warlords that want to come to PM Najib’s defence; whether it is to please the boss or merely to show off that UMNO warlords are ‘men of steel’. The first to challenge Tun Mahathir to a debate was Tourism Minister, Nazri Aziz and the venue for the debate was at his parliamentary constituency at Padang Rengas. But this event too did not materialized for whatever reason, despite Tun Mahathir having to travel to Padang Rengas, Perak for the debate.

Since it was PM Najib that had said that he isn’t afraid of Tun Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang or Rafizi Ramli, and Tun Mahathir effort to invite PM Najib to a debate at the ‘Nothing To Hide 2.0’ session has failed, why not PM Najib now invites Tun Mahathir to a debate? Let’s see whether the grandson of a Bugis warrior is brave, or the grandson of an Indian immigrant is brave.

If PM Najib continues to remain silent, then it is not a worthy afford for PM Najib to face Lim Kit Siang or Rafizi Ramli in a debate.


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