The attack on Hindraf Chairman, P. Waythamoorthy by unidentified assailants at his office recently simply shows the deteriorating state of public safety and security of the nation. Certainly, I am not proud to live in a country where an assailant can just appear and threatened your life just because the assailant isn’t happy with your political leaning. I wouldn’t mind if the assailant were to do the same to all the ruling politicians that are known to be corrupt, since that is the only viable act known to corrupt politicians.

Political difference among citizens of a country is a healthy practice in a democratic society. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a provision in the constitution to allow freedom of speech and assembly within a confine premise. I am not saying that the freedom of speech extends to saying things that are deemed defamatory; rather a speech that encourages a healthy debate over significant issues affecting the country and its people.

I would personally like to see formal debates among politicians of both the political divide, since this is the best means by which citizens of a country can gauge and evaluate the potentials of their politicians. Do you not want to see a debate between Ahmad Maslan and Rafizi Ramli on the subject of the GST? Or do you not want to see a debate between Tony Phua and Salleh Keruak on the subject of the 1 MDB? I certainly look forward to such debates because these are issues that have badly affected the lives of the citizens of this country.

The dastardly attack on P. Waythamoorthy just a few days after the fracas during the Nothing To Hide 2.0 session at Shah Alam also proves that the action of the rioters can lead the country into a state of anarchy. They were willing to use flares, and that simply means they intended to burn down the hall. Isn’t that an act of arson? And what would be the punishment for an act like this? This is a serious issue and let us not be sympathetic with the actions of the rioters.  Now, what if the flares struck Tun Mahathir? Are we to say that it was accidental? These are questions that the authorities must take into account during their investigation, and demand a swift and punitive action be taken against the rioters.

The rioters reportedly were merely young students and if they at this very age are adapt to violence, then we can expect them to transform into more violent human being in the future. These are the sort of people that the authorities must maintain watch, and I am not surprise that for a reasonable sum of cash, they can easily be enticed to join a militant group like the ISIS.

With the elections drawing near, and the clarion call by Najib to its party members to adopt the ‘attack mode’, then the country can expect the General Election to be one of uneasiness and tense. Najib has to be more careful in his words to his party members, and not to say something that may be viewed as provocative. Likewise, opposition party leaders must also do the same to maintain sanity among its party members, and to allow the democratic process of a free and fair election to proceed.

Let’s hope that GE14 will proceed without anything untoward happening throughout the entire election process.  This country has already had 13 GEs in the past, and whoever wins the election to form the government this time, let it be known to the participating political parties that it is the people’s choice that decides which party wins or loses, and that decision must be duly accepted and accorded the highest respect.

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