It is obvious that the UMNO/BN leadership is in fear of being ousted in the upcoming General Election. Now, even retirees are not spared from being targets of a voter appeal by the UMNO leadership, and this was demonstrated at the recent gathering of retired civil servants, who had to listen to the Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi’s appeal for loyalty towards the incumbent government led by UMNO/BN.

During the speech, Zahid had uttered the phrase, “do not bite the hands that feeds you” or words to the effect. What does Zahid mean by saying such a phrase to retirees? Is he thinking that retirees had enjoyed many benefits from the government; hence they all must continue to support the government till death? Is he also thinking that the benefits received by retirees while they were in the service, and the pension that they now get as retirees are all paid from his pocket and that of the Ministers?

I must say this to Zahid, i.e. that loyalty is earned and is not demanded. What Zahid is trying to do is to demand loyalty, and any right thinking individual may want to question if the government has served its public servants well. Had I been a minister, I would not use the phrase uttered by Zahid in my quest for loyalty and support to win the election. There are certainly better words to say.

Earlier, the Defence Ministry in conjunction with Jabatan Hal Ehwal Veteran had on 31st July organized a ‘Perhimpunan Raksaksa Veteran ATM’ that is claimed to be nothing more than a political agenda to appeal for voter support from veterans towards the ruling government. While the gathering of veterans was spiced up with some ‘goodies’ to satisfy their hearts and soul, I am not aware if ‘goodies’ were also offered to the government retirees by Zahid. I am also uncertain if ‘nasi bungkus’ and bottled drinks were laid out for the attendees to the gathering.

After these two gatherings, what other gathering will the UMNO/BN ministers be thinking off?  A gathering of Tok Imam and Tok Lebai, I suppose.



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