Self proclaim brilliant UMNO personality and GST Champion Ahmad Maslan has recently said that retired Armed Forces Generals are staunch supporters of the government. I challenged Ahmad Maslan to name them; otherwise I say that he is saying things to ‘camouflage’ his fear of losing his seat as a candidate for the upcoming General Election.

Let me explain to Ahmad Maslan that retired Generals only make up no more than 3% of the entire veteran population reportedly amounting to 400,000 veterans. We know that the majority of veterans of all ranks no longer see UMNO/BN as their party of choice to continue to govern the country. Out of the 3% of retired Generals, we know too that only about 20 retired Generals remain in support of UMNO/BN, while hundreds of others are either fence sitters or have shifted their allegiance towards the opposition.

Ahmad Maslan should also know that veterans today constitute a high voter population, when their family members are taken into account. If there are 400,000 veterans, one must include their spouses and children at a minimum of three children per family, to know the sum total of eligible voters. Since Ahmad Maslan is a top scorer during his student days, I leave it to him to calculate the number of veterans including their family members that will be voters this upcoming General Election.

So what is so great about having only 20 retired Generals supporting UMNO/BN that Ahmad Maslan had so proudly announced? And let me ask Ahmad Maslan this question……..are you of the opinion that  veterans still take orders from retired Generals? Just ask that question to some of the Veteran Association members (other ranks in particular), and you will have a better understanding as to how veterans view some of the retired Generals.

I was told that at the 31st July Armed Forces Veterans Assembly held at MIECC, Sri Kembangan, Selangor, a large group of veterans left the assembly even before the PM could finish his speech; maybe out of frustration for not getting the incentives that they had expected. Now, can Ahmad Maslan tell me how many retired Generals were there at the assembly? Were the retired Generals able to persuade the veterans not to leave the assembly?  If the retired Generals were not able to persuade the veterans from leaving the assembly, do you think they could be persuaded them to vote for UMNO/BN?

Now, let me tell Ahmad Maslan that it is not the retired Generals that can decide the fate of UMNO/BN, and for him to boast about.  It is the veterans who are other ranks that form the largest number that will decide his fate in UMNO, and whether UMNO/BN can remain in power.



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