PAS has stated its satisfaction on the current state of affairs of 1MDB, at a close door briefing with 1MDB’s President Arul Kanda. Since the public isn’t privy to the briefing, it therefore raises a lot of question as to what PAS meant by stating their satisfaction on the briefing by Arul Kanda.

Are we to believe the leaders of PAS that attended the briefing are fully converse with the complexities involved in the management of 1MDB? Are we to believe that Arul Kanda has spoken the truth? And if he was willing to hold a ‘nothing to hide’ session with PAS leaders, why then deny Parliamentarians from debating the 1MDB issue in Parliament?

Is 1MDB the exclusive rights of Arul Kanda and the 1MDB management? The fact that the debts caused by 1MDB, and the problems associated with it are being inherited by the government now, means that 1MDB is of public interest. Hence, Parliamentarians that represents the people therefore has every right to be briefed by Arul Kanda. Why is Arul Kanda denying the Parliamentarians their rights to a ‘nothing to hide’ session, if indeed the briefing to PAS leaders is the truth?

DAP’s Tony Phua and PKR’s Nurul Izzah has given Arul Kanda 24 hours to response to their request for a briefing on 1MDB, and Arul Kanda could use the same briefing text delivered to the PAS leaders. Will Arul Kanda accept the request? Is that too difficult to do?

Now, should Arul Kanda refuses to accept the request by Tony Phua and Nurul Izzah for a briefing, I now challenge PAS leaders to take the place of Arul Kanda, to brief the two aforesaid opposition Parliamentarians as proof that they (PAS leaders) fully understand what was briefed to them by Arul Kanda. I bet you, this challenge will not be taken up by PAS leaders, for I think they are even more confused after listening to the briefing.

Being learned religious leaders, I am puzzled that they can be so easily convinced and cannot differentiate the truth from untruth. Haven’t they read enough about the 1MDB scandal? Are they not to believe that the very fact the government lost its case in the UK Arbitration Tribunal means that something isn’t right with 1MDB? Are they to accept the billions lost is no fault of 1MDB? Are they to deny that this BN/UMNO government isn’t a kleptocracy; a word unheard off before?

Let me tell these PAS religious learned leaders that they ought to know better what it means to accept what is wrong.


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