Monday 31st July has long past. Two important events occurred on that day i.e. first, the government’s commitment to pay Aabar/IPIC  RM2.4 billion being the first payment upon losing the UK Arbitration Tribunal, and secondly, the Armed Forces Veteran’s gathering to listen to what all the PM has to offer to veterans, and to shore up support for the UMNO/BN regime.

It is obvious that the payment to Aabar/IPIC has lapse, and Najib when questioned in Parliament said that it is not the inability of the government to pay, but it was due to some ‘technical’ reason. What he meant by ‘technical’ is unknown. I suppose it must be the money printing machine that wasn’t working that day. I do not know if ever the payment will be made, although an extension has been agreed upon by Aabar/IPIC for full settlement to be made by 31 August, provided a sum of US310 million be paid first on or before 12 August.  Certainly, 1MDB will not be contributing towards the payment, since it has nothing left to sell off, or any businesses that can yield profits to contribute towards the debt payment.

Now, what if the government isn’t able to make its scheduled payment to Aabar/IPIC? Will the three million UMNO members and those super rich UMNO warlords are willing to donate to the national coffer to help pay off 1MDB debts to Aabar/IPIC? I think Najib should consider doing what Rafizi Ramli did i.e. appeal to the public to help him pay the fine imposed by the court of RM300K. Within ten days, Rafizi Ramli received RM1.5 million of public donations i.e. six times more than what he had asked for. It is worth a try, and certainly each UMNO member can afford to donate RM1000, and of course those super rich to pay ten times that amount to help raise enough cash to pay Aabar/IPIC. Were we not told that some ‘close associate’ of Najib received cash award from Najib i.e. Shahrir Samad for the amount of RM1 million, and allegedly Ahmad Maslan for the amount of RM2 million. I am quite sure many more did receive cash award for being a strong supporter of Najib, and had remained silent.

Now, why don’t Najib try to call the mysterious super rich Pak Arab who donated RM2.6 billion for a second donation? Or why doesn’t Najib’s loyal deputy travel to Saudi Arabia to meet up with the mysterious donor(s) and smooth talk them for another donation? If the donation given earlier was to support UMNO/BN win the election and to fight the ISIS threat, then this time around the reason can be that our Armed Forces are now in Saudi Arabia to assist evacuate Malaysians escape the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

With regards to the Armed Forces Veteran’s gathering held at MIECC, Sri Kembangan, Selangor on the morning of 31 July, I received mixed information about the gathering. I was told that the majority of those attending were visibly disappointed at the incentives announced by Najib, which resulted in many leaving the venue before Najib could conclude his speech. Some of the attendees did not receive their allowance of RM120 as promised, and many more left the venue hungry because there wasn’t enough food for all. The gathering was a failure they say, and many left disgusted at listening to speeches that resembles nothing more than an election campaign speech.

If Najib believes that he had won the hearts of all veterans with his incentives, I say he is totally mistaken.

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