Come Monday 31st July, the Malaysian government has to pay Abu Dhabi’s Aaabar/IPIC its first award payment of RM2.4 billion i.e. the Malaysian government having lost its case in the UK Court of Arbitration against a claim made by Abu Dhabi Aaabar/IPIC.

What does this mean to Malaysians? It simply means that the billions that 1MDB had paid to another Abu Dhabi Aaabar company having about a similar name, is now all lost. There isn’t a way where the Malaysian government led by a world renowned kleptocrat could ever recover the lost money. But behold……we know from investigation carried out by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) that the money trail leads to no other than the infamous Penang born fugitive and close associate of PM Najib i.e. Jho Low and his gang of thieves.

The question now……where is Najib going to get the money to pay RM2.4 billion to Aaabar/IPIC? Does he has any more money left in his own personal bank account to pay off Aaabar/IPIC; money that he is alleged to have stolen from 1MDB? Or will he get his loyal UMNO members to donate to help him to pay for his own folly? Now, if indeed the likes of Salleh Keruak, Rahman Dahlan, Azalina Osman and Nazri Aziz whose loyalty is steadfast with Najib, would they want to make a personal contribution to help their boss?  Let’s see who among the lot will be the first to start the contribution. My bet is that no one from among the mentioned lot would make their first personal contribution. It will be the rakyat through more taxes, and that will surely be the case.

Now, Najib in his desire to win back the lost support from Felda settlers towards his leadership has recently announced a number of monetary ‘incentives’. The cost to Felda is said to be around RM1.4 billion. Where do you think that amount of cash will come from? Didn’t Shahrir Samad, the new Felda Chairman say that Felda since 2015 has been facing a shortage of funds to managed itself to the tune of RM1 billion yearly? Can FGV help?

Come Monday 31st July too, the Armed Forces veterans are expected to gather at MIECC to show/pledge support to Najib, and to listen to an announcement by Najib of some ‘goodies’, supposedly for non pensionable veterans. I am quite sure there will be some cash announcement made, because that has been Najib’s way of soliciting support and loyalty from the rakyat. It is sad to see that Armed Forces veterans are so gullible and could easily be enticed with a promise of cash ‘incentives’ (just like Felda settlers) to support a leader who is mired with all kind of scandals. I have never given any thought that the Armed Forces veterans can be treated like Felda settlers.

My question to all………does the Treasury has any more cash left to pay off all the above?



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