Monday 31st July 2017 will be ‘D Day’ for the government of Malaysia to make its first payment award to Abu Dhabi’s Aabar/IPIC for having lost the UK Court of Arbitration; a sum of USD620 million (approximately RM2.4 billion). The question is……what if the government of Malaysia fails in its obligation to settle that amount? Well, this is only the first of several payment awards, and if we fail to settle this first payment award, how then could the government afford to settle the remaining payments. I shudder to think of the consequence of our government’s failure to settle the billions that we owe Abu Dhabi’s Aabar/IPIC, and the individual (you know who) that is primarily responsible for incurring these financial frauds, working in cohort with a renowned international thief and swindler Jho Low, seems to be enjoying their freedom, oblivious to the crimes that they both had caused to the nation and its people.

Monday 31st July 2017 too is the day when the Armed Forces veterans are expected to attend a gathering held at Malaysia International Exhibition Convention Center (MIECC) located at Balakong, Selangor, supposedly to pledge ‘support and allegiance’ to the Prime Minister, and to listen to an announcement by the Prime Minister relating to some ‘goodies’ to be offered to those veterans who are not in receipt of a pension. It is estimated that there are 300,000 veterans (this figure can also be contested) who are non pensionable, and if the Prime Minister were announce a one-off payment, this will not serve to alleviate their financial problems. It has to be a long term solution to solve the problems faced by non pensionable veterans. The government ought to realize that veterans who are in receipt of a pension (particularly the lower ranks) who leaves the service even as late as in the 1990’s, and probably the early 2000, falls within the category of those living below the national poverty line. If veterans in receipt of a pension fall below the national poverty line, the situation is worse for those not in receipts of a pension. The government ought to be aware that veterans are predominantly Malays, and this maybe the reason why the Malays constitutes the highest number who are categorized as living below the national poverty line.  Undoubtedly, there are some veterans who are successful in their businesses, but the figure is only marginal.

From the above, I just wonder how the government is going to solve the two issues mentioned. Do you think the ‘Cash is King’ method will work?


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