Tun M announced the formation of the coalition HARAPAN yesterday. While it will need ROS approval for the coalition to be registered, it is hope ROS will take steps to approve it without any 3rd party influence. It is rather sad to see that PAS is not part of this coalition, nor it is part of BN.

Tun M has again contributed to the nation by coming back from retirement and provided skills and talent to bring people together. It is not easy, especially when there is plenty historical animosity between key individuals. It is magnanimous on the part of Tun M and Anwar to put aside their differences for the sake of the nation. Their patriotism to the nation should be applauded. It is our hope that parties from Sabah and Sarawak and other small parties in the peninsular decide once and for all which coalition they will join. Being small and independent party does not help the nation’s cause.

From a nation perspective, having two strong political coalition will contribute the much needed check and balance. BN has been successful to maintain its coalition despite the problems within the party. UMNO dominated in BN to the extent that the coalition members have suffered from severe problem of mute and deafness.

Perhaps the next step is to have an actual integration where all component members of the coalition dissolved their parties and remains as either HARAPAN or BN. This will lead to a pure two party system. This can then help to accelerate national integration. It is time that we kill the race and religious based political system that was inherited from the British.

My contention remains unchanged; country comes first. We need to overhaul the system to ensure separation of powers. There is just too much power concentration that comes with the post of Prime Minister. The Royal institution must have its own independent commission and reports to parliament.

Now the political parties have established their coalition, it is hoped that they field candidates with vision and wisdom for the people to chose. The voters need to do their part and move away from voting a brand. They must spare some time to evaluate the contesting candidates. We don’t want candidates that are good at talking politics for the next 5 years. People are tired and fed up.

We need people with skills to govern. We don’t want people who have ambition to derail their own elected state and federal leaders with various political moves to gain position. No more Kajang move or anything like it. What we need is a group of people that can move us out from the current politically centric nation, to a nation that is productive and motivates the people to work harder.

If Tun M and Anwar can bury their hatchets, then it is our responsibility to ensure that we chose candidates based on their background and not their brand.


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