There is unnecessary fear among some senior military veterans, for veterans to indulge in a conversation about politics in Facebook,, whatsapp, blog , twitter, sms and the like. I do not understand why this is so. After years of military service and being subjected to strict obedience to service rules and regulations, these set of senior military veterans wants such strict obedience to continue to be observed; I suppose towards the government of the day.

Haven’t we showed enough obedience to them when we were in the service? What more do they want from us veterans? Are we to close our eyes and play dumb when we see politicians that are elected by the people, lords over the people? What is it that has made us become so timid and hardly a voice to caution those politicians not to betray the people’s trust?  Is telling them to be mindful of their responsibilities as an elected representative an offence? For me, it is to remain silent despite incriminating evidences of their wrong doings, is a grievous offence. And I believe, it is this very reason that has made the country what it is today i.e. a country that is mired in all kinds of scandal unheard off in the past.

To those senior veterans who want to remain silent, and to allow the present national leaders to rein over the country to their whims and fancy, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed. They (senior veterans) were leaders of men, highly discipline and inhibit a sense of true courage, but having discarded their uniforms, they somehow have become timid and mute.

I will shed tears when I see beggars on the street with their little kids, begging for food. I will shed tears when I see the hardcore poor having to live in abject poverty in homes that resembles a chicken coop. I will shed tears when a poor child comes running to me for food. Haven’t we seen enough of this poverty among the under privilege, while those in power enjoys their meals in posh restaurants, drives in chauffeured driven cars, lives in palatial homes and adorning the best suit in town? Who are these guys if they are not those in the position of power?

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