It is shocking to know that there are a number of people who sees there isn’t anything wrong with the Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) receiving a personal cheque of RM7 million from a ‘generous’ PM, and including other recipients who too receive personal cheques of varying amount.   The source of cash reportedly was from 1MDB, being diverted into the personal bank account of the PM. If the money isn’t from 1MDB, how then could the PM have billions in his personal bank account, and isn’t this a logical assumption?

Yes, the PM did claim that the money was a donation from a generous Pak Arab (a member of an Arab royalty, he says) , and this was further supported by the DPM who later claimed to have met with the generous Pak Arab (though no name(s) were mentioned). I don’t buy such claims because even if the Pak Arab is super rich, would he want to part with RM2.6 billion that easily? However, an investigation by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) confirms that there wasn’t any Pak Arab, but it was money that had flowed into PM’s bank account from 1MDB.  Who then is laying….PM or DoJ?  The only way to prove who the liar between the two is to declassify our own investigation reports carried out Public Account Committee and the Auditor General Report.  But will this be possible under the present regime?

If it is true that the money is from 1MDB, then all recipients of the cash are deemed to be complicit to the theft, and must therefore make amends to return the money; not to the PM of course, but to the national coffer, since it is public money. But the question that arises is whether returning the money can be done now; since the money would have been spend, hence getting the recipients to return the money would be an exercise in futility.

We have therefore to assume that the money paid out by the PM to various parties, is deemed irretrievable. However, if a portion of the amount were used to purchase tangible items, then there is hope that the items could be recovered and disposed off for cash. We could do what the US DoJ did i.e. confiscate all items/properties  etc  allegedly bought using stolen 1MDB money.  Whatever amount of money that is irretrievable, will eventually be borne by the rakyat. Will that be fair upon the rakyat?

But the question now is whether the ‘recovery process’ can be done now. I don’t think it could be done if UMNO/BN remains in power. It could only be done when UMNO/BN is not returned as the ruling government after GE14. Hopefully, this blessed nation of ours will get a new government after GE14 for the ‘recovery process’ to be done, and the sins of those who had stolen 1MDB’s money, caused hardship to the nation and the rakyat will be brought to justice. Insyaallah.

Finally, have we heard anything from the Director of Military Intelligence?





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