There is an article circulating around, purportedly written by PM Najib, aimed at discrediting his detractors and staunch critics, notably Tun Mahathir, his family and others. Having read the article, I came to the conclusion that the article wasn’t written by PM Najib personally but by someone; a loyalist, bootlickers and probably ‘dedak’ recipients, and there is no lacking such people attempting to insulate PM Najib.

Seriously speaking, I don’t think PM Najib has the courage (despite him being a decedent of some Bugis warrior) to pen the article because what has been written is also a reflection of himself i.e. his misdeeds and wrongdoings that are even worse than what was written in the article about others. If I were PM Najib, I wouldn’t dare pen such an article, because I know I will only be inviting comments and criticisms from the rakyat that will shame me further.

If the article was meant to seek to alter the mindset of the rakyat to support PM Najib, and to shift blame to national leaders before him for the nation’s current woes and predicament, then I think the author of the article is badly mistaken.

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