Sarawak Report (SR) dated 05 July 2017exposes in great detail the link between the suspected gangster ‘Gopi’, detained by MACC in connection with the alleged bribery and soliciting money from illegal gambling dens, involving a number of police officers stationed in Malacca, to a number of senior police officers in Bukit Aman and elsewhere.

SR reportedly named the IGP, his son and brother in law to be among the list of phone contacts that Gopi would frequently call. Although SR did not give explicit details about Gopi having made personal calls to the IGP, the latter however admits that he and some close family members knew Gopi, and were regularly in touch with Gopi.

With so many police officers in the loop over this issue, it will be too difficult to dismiss the allegation that the IGP and some other senior police officer have no knowledge of Gopi being a gangster, and a conduit in the alleged bribery and soliciting money from unlicensed gambling dens in Malacca and elsewhere.

Like all other SR’s, the main stream media does not take seriously to such reports, and neither would they want to proceed with any form of investigative reporting, for reasons that are known to the general public. Neither would any of those named by SR would want to proceed with filing of charges against SR for reason also known to the general public. This is the state of our police force today that I had once regarded them to be among the best in the world, especially the Special Branch during the period of the communist insurgency.

I had cousins and uncles serving the police force in the days of old, and they were a source of inspiration to me for their honesty, integrity and diligence towards work. One cousin bother of mine who served in Terengganu refused to accept hampers delivered to his house during Hari Raya, and would instruct his wife to return the hampers. Another cousin who served in Pahang told my father about him receiving money and asked my father what he should do with the money. What this cousin got from my father wasn’t a fatherly advice, but a yelling that he must return the money. I no longer have any more cousins, uncles or nephews in the police force, but one thing my father had taught me is never to indulge in any form of corruption, and I blessed him for teaching me that.

From the report that has gone viral about the alleged involvement of so many police officers with Gopi, and supposedly the bribery and soliciting money charges, all those police officers named must be prepared henceforth, to accept public scrutiny and criticisms.

I suppose, this is the price that one pays for being in the police force. The reputation of the force is now seriously at stake, and it is now left to the IGP to redeem the lost honor of him and others, that befriending Gopi was indeed a curse.




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