Sarawak Report had alleged that on 8 April 2013, Najib handed a personal cheque of RM7 million payable to ‘Ketua Pengarah Perisikan Pertahanan’. The payment is believed to finance military intelligence activities in support of Barisan National election activities prior to GE 13.

There have been other payments in varying amount  made by Najib from his personal bank account to individuals and organizations, for reasons that only Najib could tell. But the question being asked is this..….why are payments made from Najib’s personal bank account, and what are the sources of the funds used by Najib? If the payments are made out using government cheques, then one could understand that the money belongs to the government.

But these payments are rather unusual, and it raises questions that the money held by Najib in his personal bank account maybe from 1MDB. Where else can Najib obtain so much of cash during that period, other than ‘stolen’ from 1MDB.

I am quite surprised that the Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) isn’t that intelligent enough to question the unusual source of fund received by the Military Intelligence Directorate. Wasn’t the DMI interested in enquiring the reason why Najib had to issue his personal cheque, and not the usual government cheque?  Isn’t this unusual?

I know that the DMI will remain silent to the questions raised, but let it be known that all those payments made by Najib using his personal cheques can be retrievable from the bank, should there be a national inquiry at a later date. And that inquiry can only be made after GE14.


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