UMNO Cyber Troopers has described Pakatan Harapan supporters as those that lacks “intelligence and religious knowledge” when they (PH supporters) claimed that Najib had booked 41 Presidential Suites for his vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

While I agree that the hotel in which Najib had booked him and his entourage does not have 41 Presidential Suites, but to describe those that had made such comments as lacking in intelligence and religious knowledge is quite inappropriate.

Now, let me ask UMNO Cyber Troopers these three questions.

(1) What do you think of the corruption that goes on unabated among some UMNO leaders? Is that religiously permitted?

(2) What about the denials that some UMNO warlords has been spewing that the US DoJ is nothing more than an attempt to discredit the government with the ultimate aim of toppling the PM. There was also an allegation that the opposition has been working with a foreign government to bring down Najib and his government. Aren’t these bags of lies, and are liars permissible in Islam?

(3) Now, what about the wife of MO1 extravagant spending? Does UMNO Cyber Trooper know her source of income? And if her source of income is from ‘questionable’ sources, is it religiously permissible for her to spend that money?

These UMNO Cyber Troopers questioned the opposition’s religious knowledge, but little did they realize that their actions are themselves not in keeping with the teachings and demands of their religion.

There is this saying……when you point a finger at someone, there will be four other fingers pointing at you.  This is how I would describe the UMNO Cyber Troopers. I would further advise them all to take a good look at themselves in the mirror, and to stop acting like a Mullah.

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