Not so many moons ago, Malaysians heard one leader here proclaim and swear by his Bugis ancestry. The Bugis alluded to were known pirates of a bygone era who plundered the high seas and never knew the word ‘retreat’.

In  the heightening tides surrounding the now world infamous 1MDB, that leader too knows not the word ‘retreat’ as his oarsmen keep peddling waves after wave of denials and counter allegations.

And this counter battering is akin to spitting disgrace on the independent, powered US Department of Justice (DoJ) that has a long and credible history of even putting on trial famous Presidents and illustrious personalities in the past, and even now with Trump facing a wall.

The latest warrior who is determined to rage the battle on is another bastion of the country’s leadership. Here, he too proudly made a damaging attack on DoJ, while reclaiming his warrior roots as the great grandson of a famed (or notorious?) and most feared warrior way back in the 1920s.

The question is, is this tiny, yet-to-be a developed world league status nation going to be the David who slays the Goliath (DoJ)?

Or is all this a game plan to create enough confusion and reason to set the clock back on Malaysia to ensure safe passage for such local warriors?

These sworn warrior clan descendants certainly seem pathetically comical, especially when even the US Ambassador to Malaysia has out rightly dismissed all insinuations of an American agenda out to destabilized Malaysia.

Wonder where has the voice of our Rulers gone in the wake of so much agony that the nation has to bear with untold certainty, and for how long more.

J.D. Lovrenciear

Kuala Lumpur


History is replete with stories about these ancient Bugis warriors whose main ‘preoccupation’ is plundering and looting innocent ships on the high seas. That being their preoccupation, it is not surprising that Malaysians have today one ‘leader’ who has ‘inherited’ the plundering urges of his warrior ancestor. The plundering has yet to cease, and is no longer carried out on the high seas; rather it is now carried out through the electronic banking process.

Herein lays the difference i.e. in the days of old there wasn’t any form of accounting to maintain records of all stolen loot, and how/where the loot is to be distributed. Today, with the electronic banking process, every single cent that goes through the banking process is well documented, and records are retrievable when needed.

With such banking details of the 1MDB money trail, how then could one deny that one has no knowledge of the sources of one’s own banking account, and for others to claim that the banking transaction are proper and legal.

The denials, claims and statements made by the defenders of the Bugis warrior are nothing more than plain rotten lies.



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