The Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman is no longer ‘aman’ these days, but he is in ‘deep shit’. Switzerland’s Federal Court has ordered UBS Bank Switzerland to surrender all documents relating to Musa Aman bank account to the Switzerland’s Attorney General Office.  Musa Aman thinks that by depositing his ‘rasuah’ loot into a Swiss bank; he is safe from being investigated here, only to realize that the Swiss authorities are after him instead.

There have been talks about Musa Aman being a corrupt individual, but I suppose being of the UMNO clan has its advantage and privileges. When have we not known that politics is all about wanting to be rich? And being rich comes in many ways, and the quickest means is through corruption. I am not saying that all politicians are corrupt, but there is a general perception that especially those in the seat of power today have in some way been involved with corruption of varying scales, and they cannot deny this.

Musa Aman is alleged to have amassed US90 million through the award of timber concession (supposedly to cronies), and payments were reportedly made into accounts in UBS Bank in Singapore and allegedly Hong Kong, and thereafter transferred to USB Bank in Switzerland. Isn’t this a copy of Jho Low’s method of cash transfer? If a smart guy like Jho Low can be caught, Musa Aman’s method of disposing his loot isn’t as complicated as that of Jho Low.

Should the Switzerland Attorney General Office finds conclusive evidences that Musa Aman has his corrupt money kept in UBS Bank, then I think there is every possibility that the money will be frozen until Musa Aman could proof that the source of money is obtained through his own legally run business, and not through corrupt means.

But the question asked is what kind of business is Musa Aman likely to be involved with; him being Chief Minister of Sabah? US90 million is no paltry sum, and don’t tell me he owns a company that trades in timber products in the Swiss market that can generate enough profits over the years to reach the aforesaid amount of savings.  And if indeed it is an honest family business, why then have the business proceeds be kept in a bank in Switzerland? Why not in a local bank?

Obviously, Musa Aman’s banking accounts in Switzerland demand lots of questions, and those questions can only be answered when the banking documents of Musa Aman gets detailed scrutiny by the Switzerland’s Attorney General Office and the Federal Court.

As for now, Musa Aman had better take a break at the cool resort at Mount Kinabalu.


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