Malaysian AG claims he is the descendent of the famous Tok Awang Gagah Salor aka Pendekar Sri Kelate. I don’t know who is Tok Awang, but if he is still alive he would probably kicked the AG in the butt for his response related to DoJ actions. Our AG is not defending the integrity of the system, but behaves like a politician and Najib private lawyer. Statements that he spewed are political in nature, and do not reflect the intellect of an AG.

Zahid Hamidi implied that all the noise over 1MDB were fake news and were the concoctions of hostile foreign powers to destabilized Malaysia. It does not reflect well on him who apparently has a PhD.

Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) despite my admiration accused the Americans and with the opposition is trying to topple Najib. Despite being born overseas and studied at International Schools around the globe (United World College of South  East Asia in Singapore and Oxford University and University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom), KJ sounds like someone who never went to school.

I don’t know why our ministers and key officer bearers cannot put Islamic values of integrity in the forefront. Can’t they do the right thing? We are not talking about bringing down a government, but trying to establish the truth surrounding 1MDB and M&MO1.

I do hope whoever wins the next election, they would do a massive cleanup of the administration right from the AG, RMP, MACC and MAF, and all the investigative body. Political influence on these institutions must be removed. They must be independent and self governed.



I have earlier written a brief article on the AG relating to the statement he made i.e. that the recent DoJ’s report is politically motivated. I agree with Dr. Rafick that despite the AG being the descendant of some Kelantan warrior, his action reflects one who is cowed by the political masters. He certainly deserves to be kicked on the butt by his warrior descendant.

I can only say this to all others that are die hard defenders of Najib over the 1MDB issue, that truth shall prevail, and any amount of denying and lying to cover the misdeeds of their boss will cause them to answer before the court of law for being complicit to the ‘crimes’ of their boss, when a new government takes over after GE14.

Will we be witnessing a line of politicians being ushered to their prison cells after GE14?



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