AG Apandi was reported to have said that the latest US DoJ report exposing in detail the 1 MDB money trail and purchases made by Jho Low, and with one particular purchase implicating the wife of MO1 to a set of some of the most expensive jewellery  is ‘politically motivated’.

Since the 1MDB issue came to light and his sudden elevation to the position of Attorney General,  AG Apandi has been making some startling statements that is beyond my comprehension. I am not learned in law, but I do read and I think I am able to make reasonable opinion, comment and conclusion to some of the things I read.

But AG Apandi’s statement this time boggles me. At the first reading of his recent statement, I thought AG Apandi has vacated the post of Attorney General, and has joined the ranks of Salleh Keruak, Rahman Dahlan, Azalina Othman and Nazri Aziz of the UMNO clan in defending the party President over the recent DoJ statement. (Remember, the video of AG Apandi seen dancing at the close of the Merdeka Parade last year, together with Salleh Keruak and Azalina Othman. Images of that scene is still fresh in my mind)

Earlier, AG Apandi has declared the 1MDB investigation ‘closed’ and announced that Najib is cleared of any wrong doing. Since that announcement, not a single news relating to 1MDB would appear in any mainstream media. Instead, we are constantly fed with news criticizing the opposition for all sort of wrong doing, including that of working with foreign government(s) to topple Najib and his government.

Am I to believe that some opposition leaders had met with some foreign government agents to plan a takeover of the Najib regime? If that is so, I will be the first to defend my country against any foreign intervention. And why is the government reluctant to reveal their source of information and to name the foreign government? Unless this is done, I say that such statements has no credibility and are merely bags of lies to divert the attention of the public away from  this damning 1MDB issue.

I do not know the argument(s) behind the statement made by AG Apandi i.e. whether there was any basis in law for him to declare that the DoJ’s report is flawed, and is politically motivated. Whatever was in his mind to have made such a statement, I am not the kind of person to take his story hands down. Remember,  AG Apandi’s statement is being read and assessed by the judiciary and legal fraternity throughout the world, and if his statement(s) is deemed flawed, it makes a mockery of our own judiciary and legal fraternity.

My brotherly advice to AG Apandi is that the world is watching at you, and if you make a slip in your assessment of the DoJ report, it is not only you that will be shamed, but the entire people of this nation. And please remember also..……..the Almighty too is constantly watching. If you do not fear what the world says of you, please fear the Almighty for his retribution in the hereafter is most painful.



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