Read an article posted in Free Malaysia Today dated June 25, 2017 that states , “75,000 people of all races flocked the official home of the Prime Minister at Putrajaya for a Hari Raya Open House treat”. As usual, some ministers were quick to assume and conclude that the huge number of people that attended the Open House reflects the unflinching support the rakyat has for Najib and his regime.

If the minister’s statement is true, why don’t Najib make an announcement that he is now ready to declare the date of the upcoming GE14? Or will he have to wait till 31 July 2017 for the scheduled ‘Perhimpunan Raksaksa Veteran’ to see if Putra Stadium is full to the brim to make the announcement?

Well, were the veterans through their associations not told that the PM will be the guest of honour at the ‘Perhimpunan Raksaksa Veteran’ and is scheduled to make an important announcement; believe to be something relating to the award of pension to those veterans who had left the service without being entitled to a pension. There are also rumours that some other additional ‘goodies’ will be announced, but to all that are accustomed to the methods used by politicians to solicit popularity and personal glory, it is all about giving out MONEY; more so at a time when GE is just around the corner.

I wasn’t at Putrajaya to confirm or otherwise the veracity of the report that 75,000 people were at the PM’s Hari Raya Open House. But if indeed 75,000 people did attend the Open House, this exceptional number could fill the Putra Stadium to its brim. It could well be that the entire Putrajaya population were all there lined up braving the morning heat for a hearty breakfast, and for the kids an ‘angpow’ packet each with new bank notes. Wonder, what is the colour of the bank notes in the ‘angpow’ packets…..light blue, red, orange or purple? But for someone of the stature of PM, the colour of the bank notes and the amount does not really matter.

I just wonder if there was someone recording a physical head count of the number of attendees to the Open House for the minister to make the announcement. Or was it the minister himself that had made the head count to confidently make the statement himself.

Well, let the number be as it is, but the more important thing is whether the number is truly a reflection of the support the attendees has for Najib as claimed. This can only be proven during GE14, and until then, let us be kept entertained to the stupidity of the statements yet to be made by some of our ministers relating to the recent statement by the US DoJ relating to the seizure of assets owned by Jho Low, Reza Aziz and others, believed to have been acquired from stolen 1MDB money.

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