Someone had asked me these three questions. Firstly, had PM Najib not been the PM, do you think former FGV Chairman Isa Samad be appointed the Deputy Chairman SPAD, and probably take over the position of Chairman in due course? (Please note that the position of Chairman SPAD has been left vacant by Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar who left on retirement since 3 June). Secondly, was there a compromise made between PM Najib and Isa Samad, enabling the former to announce the appointment of the latter in double quick time? Thirdly, what is it that Isa Samad so indispensible?

These three questions boggle me, and I wasn’t able to find an appropriate answer to those three questions.

Most of us know who Isa Samad was. He was formerly the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan who held the post for 22 years from April 1982 until March 2004. During the General Election in 2004, Isa Samad contested for the Parliamentary seat of Jempol where he won. Upon winning, he was made the Federal Territory Minister, an appointment that lasted him for only a year i.e.  till October 2005. He was suspended from the party for a period of three years (24 June 2005 until 23 June 2008) for being involved in money politics by the party’s Disciplinary Committee.

Isa Samad’s announcement to resign as FGV Chairman comes as a surprise to me. I say this because he had earlier said that he would not resign because he had done nothing wrong that warrants his resignation, at a press conference that he had called for.

But what made him to retract what he had said about not wanting to resign? It was reported that he offered to resign voluntarily, after having had a meeting with the PM. That being so, was it the offer made by PM Najib that he would take over SPAD, which changed Isa Samad’s mind about resigning? This then raises the question as to who is actually in control of the ‘bargaining’. Is it the PM Najib or Isa Samad?

Now, a follow up question that one would ask is that if the offer wasn’t made, or the offer is one of a lesser position, do you think Isa Samad would resign voluntarily? I think a reasonable answer to this question would probably be that he would not resign, and that’s where the ‘bargaining’ would start. My rational to the aforesaid answer is simply this……if someone has been living a luxurious life, and enjoying the comfort and joy of his worldly status, do you think he would want to live a life that is any lesser?

It has been reported that Isa Samad and his wife will be called for questioning by MACC today, June 21, 2017. This would mean that both have a case to answer because if there wasn’t a case, would there be a need for questioning? I believe, the questioning and investigation process is a long and tedious process, more so in a complex case like Felda/FGV. For this particular reason, can it not be that Isa Samad’s appointment be deferred until such time that he is cleared of allegations of any wrong doing. PM Najib should have adopted that position, rather than hastily offering Isa Samad the post of Deputy Chairman SPAD.

Even if Isa Samad and his wife are given a clean slate by the MACC investigators, I believe that would not be the end of the story. I think a court case awaits Isa Samad, where the disposed FGV CEO Zakaria Arshad has taken steps to file a case of his innocence in court, and this is where the ‘battle royale’ between Isa Samad and Zakaria Arshad will begin.






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