Over the last few days, Malaysians have been served with more startling news about the 1MDB scandal. I have not had access to the full United States Department of Justice (DOJ) report, but had merely been exposed to several foreign news articles on the report. The amount involved is staggering and it would take someone with a ‘microscopic’ eye to understand the complexities involved in the money trail, before it reaches its final recipients.

What is startling to me in this recently released DOJ report is the name of the wife of MO1 who is alleged to have been presented a jewelry that cost several million ringgit by Jho Low, a name that needs no introduction.  The report says that the ‘transaction’ occurred during an official trip with her husband to the US some years ago. This allegation has yet to be proven and challenge in court, and neither has the wife of MO1 being indicted by the DOJ.

Following the exposure, there was a flurry of comments made by concerned citizens to understand the implication to 1MDB, and how such news will impact the country. All along, there have been several exposures and revelation in the scandal citing MO1, his step son Riza Aziz and some others, but not the wife of MO1. Someone remarked that this news has become to be one where a family of three i.e. father, mother and son is involved. Who next within the family is involved, is yet to be seen.

Not only do we get comments from ordinary citizens, but officials from the Prime Minister’s office, and some other ministers had joined the chorus, to make public statements denying the report, and accusing it to be one that is interfering into the political affairs of the country. One particular minister even said that this is the work of opposition members, to cause the downfall of the Prime Minister and to discredit the government. Where did this particular minister gets such an idea is mind boggling. If indeed such an allegation is true, why doesn’t the minister file charges of treason against the opposition, or get the police to arrest them under SOSMA, like the way they did to Dato Kamaruddin and Mathais Cheng?

If the government does takes a stand that the latest DOJ report is deemed to have interfered in the political affairs of the country, then there is only one choice left for the government to take i.e. summon the US Ambassador to Wisma Putra. But will the government be willing to do this?

Defenders of the Prime Minister can go on making all sorts of denial statements, but the fact remains that the entire world is served with the same news. At last count, I have come across a total of 28 international news media reporting on the same DOJ report.  And while I write this bit, someone wrote in a phone message to me which says, “Hopefully this isn’t going to be another Marcos/Imelda case i.e. Exile”

Let’s hope and pray that all is well with the country, and let us allow the law to take its course upon those that are implicated in the 1MDB scandal. If it has to be the family of three to face the law, let it be.

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