For those that follow Malay and English daily that is owned by the government, one can see how the story of DOJ latest action has been spun as an act of betrayal to bring the government to its knees. Police reports were lodged against local opposition politicians. To those who think that this is a CIA conspiracy, I suggest you study the following questions and figure out the answers.

  1. DoJ civil action is actually based on AMLA (Anti Money Laundering Act). Those who think that they have been wronged by DoJ can sue them. Why didn’t Najib and wife sue WSJ and DoJ?
  2. Najib admit that USD650 million went to his account and he said that the money has been returned. Yet DoJ has documented proof that part of the USD650 million that was allegedly returned was used to buy jewelries, yacht, properties, painting and some other assets. Isn’t this enough for the authorities to act on MO1 and wife?
  3. Why the RMP did not want to revisit this case as new evidence comes to light? They could have easily sought the cooperation of DoJ for evidence if they want to?
  4. More people use to defend Najib previously. Today, Rahman Dahlan and Zahid Hamidi have decided to abstain from commenting. Why?
  5. The MACC says they will not investigate this case as the RMP is doing it. Why the MACC did not investigate the RMP to ensure that RMP did not bury this case?
  6. This is not about UMNO or the government, but rather about a family i.e. MO1 and his family with a clear wrongdoing and yet UMNO members to continue to support MO1 at the detriment of their own party.



Ex-AG Abu Talib Othman says that DoJ action independent, no need to consult Malaysia.

MACC  Chief Commissioner says it has been decided in government that investigations will be left to the police. Is it because this case is deemed a criminal case….hence it is outside the jurisdiction of MACC?

Minister Azalina says that an emergency parliamentary session to discuss the latest DoJ report related to 1MDB is unnecessary. This is an issue of national interest. Why can’t there be a debate in parliament?

PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says that the latest DoJ report action a slap to country’s honour.  Well, is it only now that he felt the ‘slap’.

Rosmah Mansor threatens legal action over ‘false allegations’ against her, supposedly over the lastest DoJ report. I suppose legal action applies to locals only and not to WSJ, Sarawak Report, DoJ or any other foreign media.

Minister Salleh Keruak says that the opposition is using foreign powers to interfere in Malaysia. Wonder which foreign power is he referring to.

DAP lawmakers tells IGP not to ignore criminal probe into 1MDB.

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